Groupon Price Match!

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Thank you for taking your first class with us!

We hope you enjoyed your first class with us, and we would like to see you come play with us soon!!
We do want you to know that we do have a special Groupon. 
Groupon deals are intended to bring new members to our studio.  
They are for new clients only.  

This being said we feel its only fair if EVERYONE has the opportunity to take advantage of this great offer once! 
So we are offering this deal directly to you!
(One Groupon offer per member accepted.  purchase directly from this page, or on Groupon but only one per person)

Did you know,  we now run more Cycle classes than Fitnation and LA Fitness COMBINED!

Groupon Price Match

3 classes for $20
(reg price $40)


Groupon Price Match

One Month Unlimited 
for $45

 (reg price $95)


New Form

Come get "Happy" and ride with Vanessa! at CG!
Come get "Healthy" and ride
with Johanna! at CG!