I love indoor cycling and use a coaching style when leading a cycle class.
Whatever your level of fitness we can work together towards your goals!!!!

A horrible accident left me unable to participate in my regular exercise class, and I gained weight and became depressed.

My Doctor cleared me to start limited exercise, I then tried my first cycle class, and fell in LOVE!!
After years of being a participant I became a certified instructor.   

Schwinn indoor cycle
Mad Dogg Athletics

Linda instructs the following:
  • CG Cycle (45 Min)

  • CG Cycle & Core*
  • Mary "The Smile Assassin" leads this class.   Mary who in addition to being a a great Cycle lead also is an incredible Personal Trainer.
    Her class is 50 min of Cycle, followed by an optional 20 min of Core work for a total of up to 70 min of awesomeness!!    

    (Seriously, feel free to skip Core if you have to be somewhere!)

  • CG Cycle Lunch Express (45 min)
  • Lunch Express Ride 45 min 
    Don't have 45 min?  No worries just come and leave when you need to. We have shower facilities so you can freshen up before getting back to "The Office"